Far Beyond Truth

by Suns of Rapture

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released July 30, 2010

Thomas Spåre: Vocals & lyrics, guitar, drums, base, synth, Mixing
Patrick Kosh: guitar, synth, drums, base
Suspect Subject: Mastering

Recorded and Mixed in Jonkoping, Sweden 2008-2010



all rights reserved


Suns of Rapture Sweden

Suns of Rapture is a sound project that is the work of several individuals, working together to create music regardless of boundraries or distance. In may 2012 the second full length album, Light and Shadow, was released.

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Track Name: Black Magic
Fill me up, led me astray
I will go all the way
Stronger, faster to see

You sought me out
Alas you found me eagerly
Starved I climbed the hill
Black throne, dead eyes in dismal glory
The stars, the moon, the sun
revolved like slaves at your command

Fill me, lift me, led me astray
I will go all the way
Track Name: The Tyger
The light within, a stange contrast
Shadow spectre stretching out
Shadder what was heretofore
A humble will to ascend in awe

My heart feels like its scraping stone
This war will be my own
Seismic waves, in the deep
Undulate Tygers shape

Shadow spectre stretching over me
Shadow spectre´s taking over me, now

Truth Beware! Endless Web
This cage of, pain and flies
Built by lies, forever
Track Name: Eidolons
The gaze from the Seven subsides
Ever watchful of the resucant
To judge who is worthy of praise
and strike those who cover their eyes
The yellow slayers at the gates
Yelling its name to be saved,
in bronze, at the temple of Los

Build me a place of worship
and Let the tidings be heard
Let the tidings be heard

Far beyond pale hopes
Far beyond poisoned wells
Far beyond destined goals
You´ll make everything new

Ever the dim beginning
Ever the mutable
Ever the changing One
Ever the crumbling One

Of every human life, the whole or large or small,
summed and added up, in its Eidolon
The rounding of the circle
brings us back again
The rounding of the wheel
where first and last will meet again
Track Name: Shore of Nadir
This road so full of fear
Haunted by memories of a lost world
Banished sun enloping
Like a blameworthy son you cant kill
All is covered in ash
Waiting for the goulish wind to appear
To steal your golden tears

Oh the fire I see in his eyes is dying
The fire we carry from past unknown

Fire lead our way, fire give us strength
Fire cleanse and burn, fire just and true

Oh where love reigns
Oh where children plays
Oh to new beginnings
Oh where new beginnings dawn